#102: The Pantheon on Mount Bobmore

#102: The Pantheon on Mt. Bobmore

on this episode: We reorder our list of terrible movies from Year 2.

Dismantle the ICE.

Yes, we are aware that we forgot to make the Wrecker and Legion swap while recording this. So, the final list for year 2 is:

1. The Last Face
2. Tremors A Cold Day In Hell
3. Samson
4. XXX State of the Union
5. The Cell 2
6. Officer Downe
7. Tracers
8. The Prince
9. The Duel
10. The Bye Bye Man
11. Ninja Assassin
12. Doom Annihilation
13. Wrecker
14. Legion
15. Sniper Special Ops
16. The Devil Inside
17. Alien Warfare
18. Olympus Has Fallen
19. Truth or Dare
20. I Am Vengeance
21. Season of the Witch
22. The Hurricane Heist
23. The Cell
24. Standoff

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